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It's important to begin training your humans early so they
know the basic rules.
It is important to maintain one's dignity when around humans
so they will not forget who is the Master of the house.
Humans need to know the basic rules.

  Chairs and Rugs:

If you have to throw up, first find your owner’s
favorite chair,
if you can’t get to that chair in time, look for the most expensive

rug in the house, if you can’t find that in time then any
carpet area will do.

Make sure not to throw up on floors that can be easily cleaned
mopped up such as vinyl, tile or wood.


Do not allow closed doors to any room.
If your human does close
a door in the house, then scratching
the door continuously
while whining or barking loudly will
usually get the door back open.

This especially applies to doors that lead to the outside, although
once you’ve
ordered an outside door open, it’s not
actually necessary to go out.

You should just stand in the doorway and take your time
especially if it’s raining, snowing or just very cold or hot
and humid.


It’s your job to supervise whenever your human does any cooking.

Eating is half the fun. The other half is getting the food.

To get some of that good food, just sit or stand right behind them
where they can’t see you, so you
have a better chance of them
stepping on you.

This will usually make your human feel bad so they will pay attention
to you and
give you a piece of that yummy treat.
Table scraps are delicacies with which the humans are
unwilling to readily part.

So, try to steal some food of the
human's plate while looking


Always accompany guests to the bathroom.

It is not necessary to do anything - just sit and stare.

Make sure you pay attention to the human as well, because
they need you as much as you need them. When the
human is not feeling well, jump up on their lap and lick them
while looking adorable.