God's promises are His will.

Being positive in a negative situation is a
sign of wisdom and character.

'Give all your worries to God,
for He cares about you.'
1 Peter 5:7

"Let your heart not be troubled."
John 14:1

Be positive.
Don't let the negativity or drama
of the world get you down.
Have faith in God.

Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith.
You have nothing to lose but fear.

God will never discourage you.
He will always point you to Himself
to trust Him.
Therefore all discouraging
thoughts are from the devil.

  All negative thoughts are from
the devil.
God is not a negative God.
He is full of grace, mercy, and love.
The devil wants you to think
badly about God.
He wants you to be skeptical about
The devil wants you to doubt
scripture and God's promises
to you.
The devil wants you to think that
God can't be trusted and that
He is doing something to
keep you from personal
The devil will use your mind and fill it
with unbelief, by telling you that
God's promises won't work for you.
That's a lie.
God can not lie.

The devil is the one who causes doubt,
despair, worry, anger, fear,
and depression.

The devil can't hear your thoughts mentally,
he can't read your mind, only God
The devil can only put thoughts into
your mind.
The devil can only hear you when you
say anything out loud, this is when
he knows your thoughts and

So rebuke the devil
verbally in the Name of Jesus,and
he will flee from you.

  The idea that the devil has power
to read your mind is just another
one of his lies.
He uses this lie to create fear in
believers and to make himself
out to be more powerful
than he is.

Don't let the devil talk to your mental
understanding,as he is a professional
deceiver. 'Hold up the shield of
faith to stop the devil.'
Ephesians 6:16

The devil's fiery arrows are:

Doubt, despair, depression,
discouragement, anger,
and delay.
Don't let the devil use your mind as
a garbage dump.

Be Positive instead of doubtful.
Be Optimistic instead of fearful.
Be Determined instead of defeated.

Your worth comes from God,
not from others.
Ignore the negative that people say
and focus on the blessing
from above.

Do not speak the negative,
but reinforce your mind with the
truth of the Word of God, thus build
yourself up and give God a
place to move in your behalf.

Every negative thought has a negative
emotion attached to it.
Believing these lies causes negative
emotions to drive you to act out
what you believe.

A lie is anything that does not line up
with the Word of God. Take a leap of faith
in God. Rely on Him knowing He will bring it
to pass. The Lord tells us not to doubt
in our hearts. When you fear you are
not trusting.

Think and feel positive instead
of negative.
Think and say,
"I will receive whatever I
ask for, in Jesus Name."

  Faith is a substance. When you mix faith
with belief without doubt it brings what we
hope for into the natural realm. Our
emotions reveal to us what our belief
is, what we really believe in our heart.
Get your emotions to line up with
your belief.

God is willing to send miracles but you
can only receive miracles through
your faith.

When fearful thoughts try to seize control
of your life, you can replace those thoughts
with "God has not given us the spirit of
fear; but of power, and of love, and a
sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

'Anxiety in the heart causes depression,
but a good word makes it glad.'
Proverbs 12:25

'Do not fret - it only causes harm.'
Psalm 37:8

  God will make a way when there
seems no way.

When you complain about your
current situation, you remain in it,
but when you
praise God in the midst of
difficulty, He raises you
out of it.

  Positive Emotions:

Cheer, trust,delight, joy, peace, laughter,
empathy, interest, inspiration, amusement,
serenity, calmness, confidence, hopeful,
gratitude, carefree, excitement,
optimistic, love, affection, success,
courageous, desire, kindness,
warm hearted, determination,
enthusiasm, faith.

   Negative Emotions:

Unhappiness, grief, depression, blame,
anger, worry, weariness, crying, fear,
anxiety, insecurity, frustration, lonely,
bitterness, and nervousness.

Believe and Have Faith in
God's Promises.

Trust God and Stay Positive.

Don't let your emotions bring
you down, but let God lift
you up.


Don't let doubt and fear block
your blessing.
Keep moving forward in the victory
God has for you.
Believe God's promises, stand on His
promise, saying what God says -
not what the circumstances say.
God will bring the promise into
manifestation despite how impossible
the situation looks.
Remember, with God
ALL things are possible.

From one end of the Bible to the
other, God assures us that He
will never go back on
His promises.

Faith is knowing that God will.