Self-defense is the act of protecting
oneself or others
when the threat
of bodily harm exists.

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  There are many people these days
that disagree with this,
but the truth is:
You do have the legal right to
protect yourself, and your family,
according to God's Law.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that
Christians can't protect themselves
or their family. We must be slow to
anger and handle all situations
with wisdom.

If someone breaks into your house at
night and you don't know if that
intruder is armed or they are there
to rob, harm, or kill you.
In this situation you are not guilty,
according to Scripture.
 If that person breaks into your house
during the day and sees you and they
start to run, if out of anger, you run
after them and shoot them,
then you are guilty.

Jesus revealed to His disciples
the future hostility they would
face and encouraged them to sell
their outer garments in order to
purchase a sword.
Luke 22:36-38,  2 Cor. 11:26-27

 Here the "sword" is a "dagger or short
sword that belonged to the Jewish
traveler's equipment as protection
against robbers and wild animals."
It is perfectly clear from this passage
that Jesus approved of self-defense.
Never fight angry:
"Nothing gets solved when we fight
Doing anything out of anger will most
probably result in regrets."

- Bruce Lee

* Vengeance belongs to God.
( Romans 12:19; Deuteronomy
32:35; Proverbs 20:22
If we see someone who needs our
help during the commission of a
crime, we have a God-given
right and duty to intervene.
If however, the crime has been
committed (past tense), we have no
God-given right or duty to go and
execute judgment upon the
God will avenge. God will judge.

Self-defense may actually result in
one of the greatest examples of
human love.
Jesus said, "Greater love has no one
than this, that he lay down his life for
his friends."
John 15:14

When protecting your family or
neighbor, a Christian is unselfishly
risking his or her life for the sake
of others.

This Scripture deals with rape.
Notice that verse 27 ends with
the words “but there was no one to
save her"
What is the implication of such a
The implication is that had someone
been around to hear her cry out,
they had a moral duty to intervene
and protect her from being raped.
To stand by would be immoral.
We have a God-given right to defend
not only ourselves, but also others.

Deuteronomy 22:23-27
  'In His economy, God instituted an armed
citizenry, not a standing army, in order
to deal with the affairs of war
regarding Israel.
This is what the Founding Fathers
of America envisioned for our nation.'
Numbers 1

Many people kill intruders out of anger and lie
about it. Many people are in jail for pursuing
and killing the intruders. Sometimes the best
thing to do is get out if you can and call 911.
God says "Don't repay evil for evil".

 If someone is armed or tries to
attack you, then that's a
different story.
You have the right to protect
yourself and your household.

Being armed and willing to defend ourselves,
our family, and our neighbors is not being
unchristian or even unloving. Self-defense
can go a long way to protect the innocent from
people who are intent on murder for
whatever reason.

The story of David and Goliath is
helpful since “five smooth stones”
and a “sling” are the closest
equivalent to a gun you can find
in the Bible.
David seems to have been armed
with his sling at all times.
There was no way he could run home
to get his sling when a lion or a bear
was about to attack his
1 Samuel 17:31-37, 41-54

'If a thief is caught in the act of
breaking into a house and is stuck
and killed in the process, the
person who killed the thief is not
guilty of murder.'
Exodus 22:2-3

So Someone posing a threat to you
is different from someone
that is not.
If someone punches you in the face,
as a Christian, you should walk away
and don't retaliate.
Now it's one thing if someone
punches you once then leaves
you alone, but it's different if someone is
chasing after you in attack mode and
tries to harm you.

This is a situation where you have
to defend yourself.
If you can run, then run, but if you
can't and someone poses a threat,
you do what you have to do.
It is perfectly fine for Christians to
own firearms, do martial arts, or boxing,
but remember, never retaliate and
always be wise.

Only defend when you have to.
Even though it is hard, do not seek
revenge, let God handle it.

The only time that you should ever
use deadly force, is when you and / or
your family's life is threatened.
Every day, put your full trust in God,
if you own a firearm, ask for
wisdom in all situations.

"Self-defense is not only our
right; it is our duty."
- Ronald Reagan

When a strong man, fully armed,
guards his own palace, his
goods are in peace.'
Luke 11:21

'Then He said to them, "But now,
he who has a money bag, let him take it, and
likewise a knapsack; and he who has no
sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.'
Luke 22:36

'Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who
trains my hands for war, and my fingers
for battle.'
Psalms 144:1

Arms in the hands of individual
citizens may be used at individual
discretion for the defense of the country,
the over throw of tyranny, or in
private self - defense.

"Our nation was built and civilized by
men and women who used guns in
self-defense and in pursuit of peace."
- Ronald Reagan

 "No free man shall ever be
debarred the use of arms."
- Thomas Jefferson

"The right of the people to keep
and bear arms shall not be infringed.
A well regulated militia, composed
of the body of the people, trained
to arms, is the best and most
natural defense of a free country."
- James Madison 1789

"The Constitution shall never be
construed to prevent the people of
the United States who are peaceable
citizens from keeping their own arms."
- Samuel Adams,
Massachusetts Ratifying
Convention, 1788

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