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You may be thinking,
“Keep a car maintenance log?
Why should I do that?”

A maintenance log is just as important as repairs,
maybe even more important.

You don't have to guess how many miles you drove since
the oil was changed or when the last time
your hoses and belts were checked.

It also makes it easier for you to keep up with when you need
to take your car in to be serviced.

Without these logs, you might not have the oil changes,
tire rotations,
and other regular maintenance items performed
on schedule, and that
could lead to costly repairs.

Sure, you could just go through your receipts, but do you really
want to have to go through a folder of g
reasy papers just to
see when
the last time you had your brakes done?

Keeping a maintenance log makes it convenient if you want
to sell your car later on down the road.
Having a folder of documents detailing how you’ve maintained
your car can help to increase its market value.

You may also find it handy to write down the size information
and parts numbers for things like windshield wipers, the oil filter,
the air filter, and any other replaceable parts.

Not having to look those things
up every time they need to be
replaced is also convenient.

You will also be able to see when 
various maintenance tasks
need to be performed so all work is done
on time and
so you don't get tricked
into doing something before
it's needed.

Plus, having a maintenance log can also help you save on taxes
if you use your car for work.

If you would like to keep a
Car Maintenance Log for yourself.

Click on the Link to print out your
Car Maintenance Log.

You may print out as many copies
as you wish.