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God the Holy Spirit is an
actual person, just as God the
Father and Jesus are.

He is the 3rd person of the
Trinity and often overlooked
because He doesn't do a thing
to promote or speak of Himself,
but puts forth the things pertaining
to the Word of God, and of Jesus.
Because of the way in which He
works, He is often not treated as
equal with God the Father and Son,
nor taken seriously.

The Bible is very clear that The
Holy Spirit is God, and He
possesses all the characteristics
found in the other two persons of
the Trinity.

It is for 'born again' Christians, it is
not a religion, it is a living relationship

with God, it is not for the unbelieving.
John 14:16-17

The Holy Spirit indwells in us when
we accept Jesus as our savior.
He lives in us, sealing
(making sure) our salvation
and eternal life.

What is blasphemy against
the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said that "the blasphemy against
the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven"

so the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not
for the casual inquirer.
Matthew 12:31

Jesus had been performing miracles,
including driving demons out
of people by the power
of the Holy Spirit. Instead
of recognizing the source of Jesus’
power and accepting Him as God’s
Son, the religious leaders accused Him
of being possessed by the devil and
driving demons out in the power
of the devil.
This was an insult to
the Holy Spirit.

The unforgivable sin today is
the state of continued unbelief.

The Spirit currently convicts the
unsaved world of sin, righteousness,
and judgment.
John 16:8

To resist that conviction and
willfully remain unrepentant is to
“blaspheme” the Spirit.
There is no pardon, for a person
who rejects the Spirit’s promptings
to trust in Jesus Christ and then
dies in unbelief.

'For God so loved the world that
he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him
shall not perish but have
eternal life.'
John 3:16

'Whoever believes in the Son
has eternal life, but whoever
rejects the Son will not see life,
for God’s wrath remains on him.'
John 3:36

Can a true Christian believer, whose
salvation is in Jesus, be guilty of
blaspheming the Holy Spirit?

The answer is No

Jesus does not say, "All sins can
be forgiven except one,"
"The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses
us from all sins.. God is
faithful and righteous to forgive us our
sins and to cleanse us from all
1 John 1:5-10

In Acts 16:31:
“Believe in the Lord Jesus,
and you will be saved.”
Paul didn’t ask, “Have you ever
blasphemed against the Spirit of God?”
No, he said, “If you believe,
you will be saved.”

If you ask Jesus for forgiveness and
confess your sins, and invite Him into your
heart, and ask Him to save you,
all your sins will be forgiven and blotted out.
You won't be guilty of the unforgivable sin.

God is awesome!

The Holy Spirit is a vital part of every
believers life.
  Is by convicting of sin and showing
who Jesus is;
  Is by giving assurance that we are
indeed children of God;
  Is by cleansing, controlling and filling
the believer as the temple of God.

The Holy Spirit enables the believer to
lead an obedient Christ-centered life.
It is the Spirit's power that enables us
to live like Jesus.
You can't control yourself and be
controlled by the Spirit at
the same time.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit:

Jesus said that we would "receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes upon you."
Acts 1:8

Power to live holy lives, power
to witness, power to pray, to

understand scripture, to minister, and
to lay our lives down.
Acts 9:17-20, John 16:14, Luke 24:24,
Romans 8:26

The Holy Spirit is to be received by
believers so they can receive, with the
power, certain "gifts" from God.

Gifts of healing, power wisdom, power
faith, power knowledge, power miracle

and power to speak the truth of God.
In other words , the Holy Spirit is to be

received to receive power to be the
active "body of Christ" ministering in the

earth today. The Apostle Paul said for
us to "earnestly desire spiritual gifts."
1 Corinthians 12:31, 14:1

Who does the baptizing?

Jesus is the baptizer. Matthew 3:11 He
baptizes with fire, not water. Fire either

purifies or destroys.

How Can I be filled with
the Holy Spirit?

From the moment of spiritual birth
the believer
has the Holy spirit.
Romans 8:16

We are Filled by the Holy
Spirit by Faith.

You can appropriate the filling of the
Holy Spirit right now if you:

1. Sincerely desire to be directed and
empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 5:6, John 7:37-39

2. Confess your sins.
By faith thank God that He has
forgiven all of your sins, past, present
and future, because Christ
died for you.
Colossians 2:13-15, 1 John 1, 2:1-3,
Hebrews 10:1-17

3. Present every area of your
life to God.
Romans 12:1-2

How to Walk in the Spirit:

Trust in God and in His promises,
is the only means by which a
Christian can live the
Spirit-directed life.

Don't let anyone convince you that
you have to 'speak in tongues' to
show that you are saved.

Some people will tell you that
you can learn to 'speak in tongues'
by letting yourself mutter sounds
that do not make sense.
They will tell you to keep practicing
to 'speak in tongues', this is wrong.

The Holy Spirit is the one that will
give the gift of tongues spontaneously
to the person he chooses.

There are many spiritual gifts,
speaking in tongues is just one
of them.
Some Christians have that gift,
but not everyone.