The Truth about Hell:

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This page may be disturbing
to some viewers, but
it's to show the reality of

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Hell is a very commonly used swear word.
Hearing the word used so often may
be one of the reasons the horror of its
meaning has worn off for so many in
today’s society.

Do you think that Hell is a place
where you go and party
and have lots of fun?

After all, there have been famous
musicians who say so.

To many people, Hell as become
one big joke.

Hell is no joke.
Hell is a reality of indescribable horror.

Hell is not a laughing matter.
Jesus, didn’t speak of it as anything to be
laughed at, He spoke of it as a place of

Hell is not a myth.
On TV, people laugh and smile, and declare
that all the teachings of the Bible
are myths.
To them, Hell is just another myth.
But to those who don't accept Jesus as
their savior, its existence will be
horribly real.
In agony of soul, they will discover very
quickly that Hell is no myth.

Think about this, Hell is a place of
eternal separation from God.

People go to Hell because they
choose the devil's way and reject
the Lord Jesus Christ.
God is holy and will not allow
any sin in his Kingdom.

The taunt, “Hell, fire and brimstone”,
is often the glib response of many
unbelievers when they are warned
about Hell.
It is sad to think that if they persist in
their rebellious unbelief, they will have to
suffer the consequences, for all eternity.

Hell is a real place, just like Heaven is.
It is where God, Who is Holy and Just, will
cast anyone who is “not written in the
book of life”.
Revelation 20:15

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How Sin Separates us from God:

We were created by God through His
love so that we may have a personal
relationship with God.

But, because we were created with free
will, we have chosen to disobey
God and Separate ourselves from Him.

A sin is a willingness to separate
ourselves from God, as a result of any
act, or thought contrary to God's
loving will for us.

God is good and holy.
Because God is just and fair, He must
punish sin, and that punishment is
death: eternal separation from God.
But because God loves us, He does
not want us to endure eternal
suffering and separation from Him.

So He sent his only beloved Son,
Jesus as a sacrifice to pay the penalty
for our sin by death on the cross,
so that we would not have to,
so that we may be able to live in
eternal life with God.

'Although it is beyond understanding,
the Great Day of God’s Wrath and
Judgment will come.'
Revelation 6:17

God gives strong and sufficient warning
about Hell.
There are many words used in the Bible
to describe what is considered to be Hell.
None of them give any hope, and they
certainly are not encouraging.

Hell fire and danger
Matthew 5:22

Outer darkness
Matthew 8:12

Weeping and gnashing of teeth
Luke 13:28

Place of torment
Luke 16:28

Lake of fire burning with brimstone
Revelation 19:20

Everlasting fire
Matthew 18:8

Damnation of Hell
Matthew 23:33

Fire that never shall be quenched
Mark 9:43

Where the worm doesn’t die
Mark 9:44

Everlasting destruction
2 Thessalonians 1:9

Out from the presence of the lord
2 Thessalonians 1:9

The best description of what Hell
is like, is when Jesus told of
the rich man being in Hades.
(Hades is another Biblical
name for Hell.)

'The man is in such great torment from the
flame that he asks that Lazarus (whom
he sees with Abraham across a great gulf)
dip the tip of his finger in water, and
cool his tongue.
This request is denied.
The place is of such great torment that
the rich man doesn’t want his loved ones
to ever come to it.
He realizes that his loved ones need to
repent or they will end up there, too, so
he requests that someone be sent to
warn them.
This request is also denied.
It is evident from the account that when
condemned to this place, one can
remember, see, look, hear, talk and
understand what is going on.
There is a great gulf fixed so that one
can’t get out or move to more
comfortable quarters.'
Luke 16:19-31

People who have had a near death
, and have seen Hell,
have explained it as:

“Fiery place of desolation
without hope"

"No way out"

"Crushing despondent feeling of

"Physical pressure by the inch
from the darkness"

"Crying - shrieking - feeling horrible"

"Isolated - frightened - black -

"Dismal - heavy - icy shudders"

"Feeling torment - horror so great
it chokes"

"Kicking off creatures"

Blood curdling screams"

Terror fills you as demons
surround you.
You watch and feel the demons
laughing at your fears, taunting
you and haunting you.
Your soul is in torment.
Cries and screams of other people
can be heard from all directions.
A horrible odor fills the air of
burning flesh.


One witness described Hell as:

“The darkness of Hell is so intense, that
it seems to have a pressure per
square inch.

It is an extremely black, dismal, desolate,
heavy, pressurized type of darkness.
It gives the individual a crushing,
despondent feeling of loneliness.

The heat is a dry, dehydrating type.
Your eyeballs are so dry they feel like
red hot coals in their sockets.

Your tongue and lips are parched and
cracked with the intense heat.
The breath from your nostrils as well
as the air you breathe feels like a
blast from a furnace.

The exterior of your body feels as though
it were encased within a white hot stove.
The interior of your body has a sensation
of scorching hot air being forced
through it.
The agony and loneliness of Hell
cannot be expressed clearly enough
for proper understanding to the
human soul

There is a penalty for sin and unbelief,
and that penalty is damnation and Hell.
Hell is just beyond death’s door.
These horrible Hell experiences are a good
description of what unbelievers will have
to endure, once there.

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Who is Satan?

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How you can avoid Hell:

God does not want you in hell!
Jesus came to save you from that
horrible place.

God loved the world so much that He
gave His only begotten Son, that
through Him, we may be saved.

God "Desires all people to be saved and
to come to the knowledge of the truth",
and Jesus Christ is that truth.
1 Timothy 2:4

Jesus said "I Am the way the truth
and the life, no one comes to
the Father except by me".
John 14:6

"If You confess with your mouth
that Jesus is Lord and believe in your
heart that God raised him from
the dead, you will be saved."

Romans 10:9


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