PBL's Real Cars proudly supports
our Law Enforcement Officers
who put their lives on the line
every day.

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The badge has many symbols.
It represents courage, integrity
It is given only to those who can
respect and honor its strength.


Police Officers:

Police officers are often viewed by
the public as being unemotional,
uncaring robots instead of people.

Never forget that cops are human
beings just like us.

They are not always at liberty to
display their emotions, especially in
situations where it might undermine
their performance.
One reason police work is so stressful
is that officers are somewhat forced
into feeling that they will be viewed,
both by the public and, unfortunately,
at times, their peers, as being
somehow weaker and less capable
if they display what they are feeling

Therefore, they all too often keep
it all bottled up inside and wear
the old stone face.
This is one of the leading causes of
the high rates of divorce, alcoholism,
and other social problems faced
every day by some very good
police officers.

Many police officers also suffer
from PTSD ( Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder ).

The next time you see a police
officer, thank him or her for their

The mission of the National Police
Association is to educate supporters
of law enforcement in how to help
police departments accomplish
their goals.


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Never forget our Officers who were
In the Line of Duty.